Welcome to The Power Center! My name is John Nies, I am the owner of this multifaceted, elite and innovative wellness and fitness center whose mission is to share my knowledge, passion, inspiration and energy to assist you in preventing illness, overcoming life’s obstacles, managing stress, optimizing energy levels and getting in the best shape of your life!

Core programs include one on one and group personal training, sports specific athlete training and the unrivaled East West Bootcamp. We pride ourselves on providing clients with workout sessions that are highly effective, challenging, stimulating and enjoyable.

I founded The Power Center more than 10 years ago for two reasons that I’d like to share with you. The first, was to share the valuable information that completely transformed me as a person and in the same respect altered the way I choose everyday to live my life, a philosophy I’ve developed that I call The Seven Disciplines. The second reason was because I had gotten so tired of the same old workouts that I had been doing at the gym my entire life. The weights, the machines, and the cardio equipment just weren’t satisfying me anymore and I needed a change.

All of our methods of training have nothing in common with traditional gyms. You won’t find a room full of heavy weights and machines at our facility. We rely mostly on using your own body weight for resistance with the exception of some light dumbbells, elastic bands, medicine and stability balls, and ankle weights. My focus, when it comes to exercise, falls on building enormous amounts energy by implementing deep breathing techniques to be performed with specific movements, improving one’s mental toughness, and developing an “I can do anything attitude”.  My sessions combine Ancient Eastern techniques with more traditional functional exercises for a total body conditioning experience that enables all clients to find inner peace and balance while reaching their full potential of physical strength and personal power.

Approximately twelve years ago I had the privilege of training under the tutelage of a Martial Arts Grand Master. He taught me about the energy system of our body and how certain exercises can have a dramatic impact on the way we feel. He also became my spiritual advisor showing me that a life of peace is attainable despite living in a world that displays an abundance of chaos.

I hope you choose to join all of us here at The Power Center, and allow me the opportunity to pass along the gems of wisdom that were shared with me that I believe possess the power to inspire, encourage, motivate, as well as entertain those of you that are interested in getting the most out of this miraculous life of ours!

John Nies