As the spring heats up, everyone at the Jersey Shore knows that the time for glamorous beach parties, summer BBQ’s, and swimsuits is getting closer and closer with every day. With winter often convincing us to gain a pound or two, spring often is the season where people start to slim down and get ready to show off their fabulous figures. Since spring literally is only about a dozen weeks away from the beginning of school breaks and suntans, it really is our last chance to make sure we get the body we want to flaunt.

People who look for a quick solution to the problem of weight loss often try store-bought “shortcuts” in order to get the gorgeous physique of swimsuit models and bodybuilders. However, this isn’t a good idea. Many “shortcuts” such as diet pills, plastic surgery and body wraps are expensive and unlikely to give permanent results. In many cases, studies have shown that many diet pills and other quick fixes often will backfire and cause the user to gain weight.

Obviously, the most tried and true method of losing weight also is the safest and healthiest way to do so. Smart people will listen to medical advice and lose those extra pounds through good ol’ fashioned diet and exercise – just as people have done for centuries. As an added bonus, people who lose weight naturally also get to enjoy longer lifespans, boosted moods, and steadier sleep schedules. No wonder why so many people choose to exercise for both their health and as a fun way to pass the time!

While exercising of any kind is always advisable, a well-designed exercise program will challenge your body, get you to burn more calories, and also encourage toning up. At the Power Center, we’re starting to ramp up our exercise programs so that you can get results faster than ever before. With our holistic training approach, Red Bank locals will be able to tone up, feel great, and get totally prepped for their summer outings.

Other gyms may say that they work to make sure that their workouts are engaging and fun, but you may have already noticed that most gyms don’t really mix it up as much as they should. Not varying your exercise routines will cause your muscles to get accustomed to certain movements, which in turn will leave your body unchallenged and fat left unburned. At Red Bank’s Power Center, we make sure to design programs that never will allow your body to get into a routine.

If you look at a typical person’s body, the safe amount of fat to lose maxes out at about 2 pounds per week. This means that if you want to get rid of those last 15 pounds, now is the time to start! Don’t wait until it’s June to start worrying about fitting into a new swimsuit. By beginning your new diet and workout routine, you will be able to reap the rewards come summertime.