Way back in the day when I was still single a friend of mine invited me and couple of the boys to Turks and Caicos for Thanksgiving. The house he rented was right on the beach and perfectly equipped for some much needed R&R. The first night there we we’re hanging out in the kitchen listening to Bob Marley when I noticed and pointed out an enormous moth that was perched on the wall. I walked over to it to get a closer view and commented on how big and how cool it was. As I stood there admiring the silky-winged insect one of my boys walks over, flicks his thumb across the flint wheel of a bic lighter igniting a flame, reaches out and sets the moth on fire. The moth took flight desperately trying to fly despite its flaming wings. The flames went out as the impaired moth slowly floated down to the ground where it continued to flutter around in circles on the tile floor.

    As you can imagine I was beyond pissed off and as I berated my boy with a mouthful of obscenities I stomped on the moth to put it out of its misery. I stared at my friend in disbelief and then asked him why he would do such a cruel thing to an innocent creature. He smirked, shrugged his shoulders, started to walk away and said; “what’s the big deal it’s only a f#+@ing moth, relax.” Oh yeah, only a moth? Watch what happens, karma is going to punch you right in the face for what you did! He laughed and in his mocking tone he simply said; “yeah ok.”  Not even five minutes later the moth’s attacker was in the kitchen looking for a snack. He opened two cabinet doors only to find bare cupboards so he started to slam the doors as he simultaneously bent down to look in the lower cabinets. Coincidentally one of the doors bounced back open and when he stood back up the corner of the door stabbed him right in the middle of his big, fat, bald head!! He let out a scream as he hunched over grabbing his throbbing noggin. I couldn’t help but laugh and point out that moth had already begun to orchestrate its revenge and I assured my injured friend that the moth was not done yet.

    The next day we rented a boat and hired a guy to take us fishing. The boat was a bow rider and three of us were sitting up in the bow. As we cruised through the bay it was calm and smooth sailing but once we got out into the Ocean the waters got rough and the captain advised us to hold on. Just as the words passed through his lips we hit a swell that sent my buddy four feet up in the air. I literally reached up, grabbed his ankles and pulled him back down. Well wouldn’t you know all two hundred and sixty pounds of the moth’s torturer came down landing on his tailbone right on one of the boat’s cleats. He fell to the deck doing his own version of flailing around in severe pain. I had no compassion and quickly mentioned that the moth was at it again. He didn’t find my comments amusing at all.

Some say that things come in three’s. Well this story proves that theory true. On our last day of the trip I was down by the water laying on a chase lounge reading a book when my buddy jumped in the Ocean for a swim. For the five days that we were there I hadn’t seen a wave bigger than two feet crash onto the beach. Well as my friend stood there knee-deep in water a four foot wave comes out of nowhere, scoops up this behemoth of a man and slams him down on the beach onto a pile of rocks and sea shells. He bounced off the sand, struggled to get to his feet, wound up covered in sand, full of scratches, and his bathing suit pulled halfway down his leg exposing his fat, pale-white ass. As I cracked up laughing I instantly thought of the moth and one last time expressed to my now somewhat converted believer in karma, that the moth had once again gave him the beat down that he deserved.  Sweet revenge!

So let me ask any and all of you what you think the moral to this story is? For me it’s all about cause and effect. What you project out into the great unknown has an interesting way of coming right back at you!! Spread the love my friends! Spread the love!