The Power Center Classes


The ONLY workout you will ever need! Infuse your day with a jolt of raw "innergy". CHI style training consists of Cardio, High Intensity Interval Training, and Inner Strength. Take your body and mind to a level in one hour with this intense class that you'll never forget. The class begins with a dynamic group warm-up and stretch, followed by a daily changing intense workout, and winding down with a meditative cold down stretch. Beginners don't worry, you can keep your own pace and take breaks as your power builds. True strength comes from within at The Power Centers, as we understand that you need to build that strength above all others. How far can you go? You can answer that question everyday at The Power Center with EWCC.


Ultimate Athlete Conditioning training focuses on helping athletes improve all of the components that will enable them to elevate their game-time performance. Designed specifically for competitive athletes, this class focuses on mental acuity, physical agility, and injury prevention. We consider an athletes ability to be mentally strong, able to focus, and play with confidence to be equally important to the physical training. By combining game time visualization techniques into our sessions to go along with the speed, agility, and strength work, our athletes develop into complete players.


This 60 minute high energy class will get kids moving, sweating, and super-fit, all while having a blast! Participants will navigate obstacle courses-find the need for speed during relay races-learn teamwork in the tug of war-test their nifty footwork and agility during games like running bases, dodgeball and more, as well as learn the importance of exercise and nutrition.


The ultimate mind body experience. John Nies’ unique approach individually tailored to private or group sessions. All of our methods of training have nothing in common with traditional gyms. You won’t find a room full of heavy weights and machines at our facility. The focus falls on building enormous amounts of energy by implementing deep breathing techniques to be performed with specific movements, improving one’s mental toughness, and developing an “I can do anything” attitude. Sessions combine Ancient Eastern techniques with more traditional functional exercises for a total body conditioning experience that enables all clients to find inner peace and balance while reaching their full potential of physical strength and personal power.


Come and experience the healing and illuminating affects of the ancient arts of ChiGong, meditation, and guided visualization. Century old techniques that are used to promote personal and spiritual growth, improve mental clarity and emotional stability, while elevating energy levels, strengthening immune function, and creating an over-all feeling of well being and connectedness.

Power Fit combines resistance training and high intensity interval training to create a fast pace workouts designed to shred fat and fortify the body. Utilizing the 6 Primal human movements , Power Fit will sculpt your body into a functionally fit machine!

Duration: 60 Minutes

Power Glide focuses on frictionless movements by training on Slide Boards. Strengthen your upper and lower body while toning the inner thigh abductors through low impact, joint friendly slide training. Finish the workout with Glide Abs to experience an abdominal core workout unlike any other!

Duration: 30 Minutes

Power Core focuses on developing core musculature from below the shoulder to above the hips and everything in between. Strengthen and shred your mid section with this intensive abdominal and posterior back workout!

Duration: 30 Minutes

Power Blast specializes in developing strength and mobility in the the Gluteals muscle groups and hips. Develop a functional and toned butt to help keep hips aligned and prevent lower back injury.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Power Move directly trains the body's ability to adapt to extraordinary environments, or in simpler terms, Balance. Utilizing the balance trainers, balance and spatial awareness are developed through a multi- movement total body workout.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Power Burn is a high intensity, all-out total body weight workout designed to completely incinerate calories. No weights needed, just watch fat melt away as you run, jump, punch, kick, and twist!

Duration: 30 Minutes

Power Suspension utilizes bodyweight exercise to create functional strength, coordination, and core stability. Using the Suspension Trainers, RIP Trainers and the leverage of body weight, be prepared to push, pull, twist, swing, and train hard!

Duration: 30 Minutes

Power Flex encompasses various forms of lengthening techniques and inhibiting movements to release and stretch the tight, overactive muscles leaving the body fresh and renewed. Remove the tension generated from the stress of life by taking the body to its true range of motion.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Power Stability is a rhythmic class focusing on strengthening and stabilizing the core of the body. Utilizing the Stability Ball as tool, the entire body will be challenged to center itself.Create stability in your body and allow it to flow into your life.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Power Lift focuses are power and core weight training movements designed to strengthen and increase muscle fibers. Utilizing the 6 human movements, this workout focuses on big lifts and supersets.

Duration: 60 minutes