The 7X7 Solution

The 7X7 Solution

A 49 Day Transformation Challenge

Change your body and your perspective in only 7 weeks as you experience the proven methods found in this incomparable program that are guaranteed to have a profound impact on your life. Let us lead you on a 7 week life-changing journey that will help you regain control of your mind, empower your body, ignite your energy, elevate your spirit and help you master your emotions. The 7X7 Solution can assist you in overcoming obstacles and challenges in your life: some of the benefits are:

  • Alleviation of symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Mental focus
  • Spiritual connection
  • Physical strength and endurance
  • Personal insight

The foundation of the 7X7 Solution is the commitment to 7 weeks of Living the Seven Disciplines: Nourish your body, Elevate your Chi, Breathe with intent, Pray for others, Know Thyself, Connect with Nature and Serve your world. Learn how you can break through your own personal barriers with these seven tools. John Nies’ exclusive Chi training protocols are designed to train the mind to go far beyond your perceived physical limitations while elevating your energy levels to unimaginable heights. Modeled on John Nies’ own experience training under a 6th Generation Doctor of Alternative Medicine and a Grand Master of Martial Arts that irreversibly changed his life’s trajectory. This is all coupled with a comprehensive nutritional program based on whole foods and super-food natural supplements. In just 49 days this transformational program will change your life and get your mind, body and spirit functioning at optimal levels.

  • Access to your own personal Chi Coach
  • ChiFlow Training exercise protocol and video demos
  • Eating guidelines
  • Printable shopping list
  • Online Nutrition and fitness consultation
  • Daily challenges
  • Chi Gong instructional video
  • ChiFlow meditation/visualization exercises
  • 49 days of inspirational power words



The Live the 7 eating philosophy centers around eating as close to nature as the path to living a healthy disease free existence



This discipline advocates meditation, visualization, and Chi Gong practice to interrupt the daily cycle of repetitive thinking, give the mind an opportunity to rest and revive, and to tap into a powerful energy source within



This speaks to Live the 7’s ancient energy building exercises using breathing techniques and a mind over body philosophy to break through perceived physical limitations to new heights



This discipline advocates the importance of self development and pursuing your unique purpose as a means to personal empowerment



Express your gratitude for life and sympathy for those less fortunate. This discipline promotes a sense of appreciation for life, while keeping our perception of suffering grounded



Reconnect with and develop respectful habits towards nature and the earth and its abilities to nourish every body, mind, and spirit



This discipline calls to mind the importance of making a contribution to society through charitable deeds and positive actions